Wedding Package Deal

Why cake on makeup when you can have flawless glowing skin! Facials are very relaxing and rejuvenating. Facials Stimulate collagen and elastin proteins to replenish loss proteins from environmental damage such as excessive heat from sun exposure, smoking, poor eating habits and more. Detox beautify skin. Be the best you and make sure all your bridesmaids look and feel great too. Facial includes neck and foot massage. Hand massage may be added on. 

Customized Facial $105 ( includes Hydrating facial( come back in a week ) if you opt to have an Ultra chemical peel and microdermabrasion. Keeping your skin properly hydrated will ensure long lasting beautiful results and ensure no breakouts or other irritation.


Spray Tans are great for bride and bridesmaids to jazz up pictures. You can't go wrong with a pop of color for your special day.

Spray Tan $45

 $99 Body Wraps are great for revitalizing skin, boosting energy+ immune system- loose 4-14 inches per session to slim down to fit perfectly in your dress.

Wedding Package Specials for your special day

$127 Customized Facial/ Spray Tan 

$79 Gel Mani/Pedi Spray Tan 

$189 Spray Tan/Body Scrub + Facial/Gel Mani & Pedi $288 with  slimming aloe body wrap 

$60 Neck/scalp/face/hand massage Tone, tighten, and brighten skin. Massage the stress and last minute jitters away. Relax..