Erica Gavin |Pca Skin Certified Professional|

Licensed & Insured Paramedical Esthetician 
Graduate of Florida College of Natural Health, Sunstate Academy, & Bonita Springs School

 Fashion Fair/Lancome/ Clarins Cosmetic Counter manager & Beauty Consultant Prior before becoming Licensed Paramedical Skin Specialist

Her career in skincare has always been the strongest passion in her life. She enjoys helping others not only to look their best, but also feel their best! It amazes her to watch clients transform better physically and emotionally. Constantly continuing education, researching for the best products & treatments to have available for every client. Every smile is a blessing! She has been through her own skin journey. From experience she's open, and excited to share her secrets. Here to help you stay focused on your path of success to meet personal growth goals.

 Hobbies: Continuous skincare education to keep all clients updated & satisfied.   She lives a wholseome life of health and fitness. Being an organic advocate faithfully has strengthened her physically and internally.